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4hr Minimum Daily Weekly
$40.00 $60.00 $240.00


Model 530 (Small)  Used for smaller area

Weight:  288

Height:  51.5"

Length:  57.5"

Width:  29.75"

Aerating Width:  19"

Aerating Pattern:  3.8" x 4.2"

Aerating Depth:  0-3"



Model 742 (Large)


Weight:  422

Height:  52"

Length:  54"

Width:  38"

Aerating Width:  25.5"

Aerating Pattern:  3.6"x6.8"

Aerating Depth:  0-3"



Aeration Tips

Best aerating condition is a soft and moist ground.  To determine if the ground is moist enough, you should be able to insert a spade or screwdriver into the ground 2 to 3 inches with little effort.  Soil condition is dictate whether extra machine weight is needed for effective coring action.  The weights are provided to give you added control, and greater tine penetration.



Start engine and adjust throttle setting to provide a comfortable walking speed and maintain control of the equipment at all times.  Adjust depth control knob to desired depth.  Coring depth decreases by turning the knob clockwise.  Raising the rear wheels all the way up (to obtain maximum coring depth) will reduce the aerator's stability but increase the length of core.  Push down the rear wheel control handle to lower aerating tines into the ground (rear wheels will rise).  Push down on handle bar for better tine penetration and maneuverability (front wheels will rise).


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