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  Aisle Candelabra  $10.00









Great for aisles and areas where a secure attachment is needed, The quick clamp candelabra has been designed to take up the least amount of aisle space possible, so it's perfect for locations with tight aisle ways.

Overall size: 7''W x 6''D with adjustable height of 51'' to 81''.

Available in Brass or Nickel

Chimney globes included





  Black Wrought Iron Arch  $45.00





This contemporary trellis wedding arch will offer a beautiful entry and focal point.

Overall size: 60"W x 14"D x 90H". Walk through dimension width of 50".





  Burlap Backdrop  $15.00





 Price per panel
 Panels are 75" Tall and 23" Wide




  Brass Kneeling Benches  $25.00




2 Piece Brass Kneeling Bench (for 1 person per bench): 36" wide x 32" high x 18" deep




 Cape Winds Arch   $75.00 


This beautiful arch is constructed of white wood lattice. The arch has a heavier framework on the sides and top for greater stability. Measures 6 ft. w x 92" h x 30" d. Easy assembly requires no tools. Great for decorating.





  Champagne Crystal Curtain   $7.50





Use our beaded curtains in windows, in doorways, as set decorations, as photo backdrops, on blank boring walls, as room dividers...the possibilities are endless!


Each curtain measures 3' wide x 9' long




  Chuppah-8FT Round  $80.00




8ft Round Chuppa Includes Round Pipe & Drape with 8 White, Black, or Ivory Poly Premier Drapes.  Ask about updating to sheer draping. Indoor Use Only



  Colonnade Arch  $150.00






3-Piece Colonnade Set
Columns are 72" high

 The set contains 4, 6' wedding columns/pillars, 2  top quarter round bases, 2  bottom quarter round bases and 1 arch. Great for all of your wedding decoration needs!





  Columns  $4.00-$15.00






Available in 24"-32"-40"-48"-56"





  Flower Pedestal  $12.00





30" Pedestal with flat top removable base







  Flower Stands   $7.00








38" Tall








   Harlow Flower Stands  $25.00










Add these flower stands for a unique look to your ceremony.
Approximate Measurements: 8" x 45"

Flowers not included





  Beyond Flower Stands  $50.00






Price is for the pair. Add these flower stands for a unique look to your ceremony!
Approximate Measurements: 28.5" x 41.5"

Flowers not included







  Flower Urns   $8.00







22" Tall







  Iridescent Chandelier   $15.00










 The beads are iridescent and acrylic. They perfectly match our Crystal Curtains. They hang from the attached chain and hook. The long swirl lamp is about 4 feet long...the chain and the hanging "base" are silver colored and super-heavy-duty! Acrylic beads made to look like crystal!







  Iridescent Crystal Curtain  $7.50






Iridescent Crystal Curtains- 35"W x 10'L The beads are iridescent and acrylic. The rod is plastic. The beads are 3/8" wide. The top of the curtain has a 35" long white plastic rod with 2 hooks for hanging as a curtain.




  Nickel Arch     $40.00






Overall size: 74"W x 18"D x 92" with a walk through width of 50".





  Palms    $7.00








Beautiful Parlor Palm bush that can fill any area requiring greenery.

4' Height




  Planter- White    $12.00





28" Height


      Spiral Candelabra   $75.00



 Easy to set-up, easy to use, this candelabra will provide joy for many special


 Adding teardrop glass to the Spiral Candelabra gives it an entire new look and makes it a great candelabra for outdoor events. Use our floating candles or disposable votives for optimum style and safety. The Teardrop Glass has a bell-like shape that is elegant and very easy to use.


Fan Teardrop Overall size: 55"W x 19"D x adjustable 64" to 88"H.

Spiral Sides Overall Size: 30W x 22D with adjustable height from 74" to 93".


Available in Nickel and Brass








  Unity Candelabra  $20.00









The perfect unity candelabra is a great focal point for weddings. It includes a large drip pan set to hold either a taper candle and chimney globe or a 3" Pillar Candle in the middle and two taper candles on the sides.


Overall size 22"W x 18"D with adjustable height from 53" to 78"H.
Available in Brass or Nickel






  Wedding Bell Card Holder   $25.00






Bell hangs on floor stand.
Door opens for access to contents.
Tops slots for inserting envelopes while lining on the
body is an option as openings are small enough to
prevent unauthorized access to contents.
(Flowers and decoration not included)

Bell: Height 23". Dia. 19" Overall: Height 72". Width 24"





  Wedding Canopy- Chuppah  $80.00



A chuppah is a canopy traditionally used in Jewish weddings, but are being used more in today's weddings. It consists of a cloth or sheet, stretched or supported over four poles. A chuppah symbolizes the home the couple will build together. Chuppah literally means a canopy or a covering.


The Chuppah Wedding Canopy consists of

4 Support bars

4 Upright bars

4 Base plates

8-Drapes (White or Ivory)

Inside Use Only






 Wedding Deluxe Canopy  $200.00






Our deluxe canopy arch is made of solid wood, completely portable, no tools needed.

Level ground is a must.

No pickups by customer, this arch is delivered and setup by Grant's only

Delivery is not included in price

7' Tall x 7' Wide






  White Stanchion and Chain  $2.00










        Wishing Well Card Holder   $10.00








        25’ Red Carpet     $25.00







        30' Crystal Strands  $10.00







Each Strand is 30ft






  5 Light Candelabra   $25.00 (Pair)








A simple, elegant candelabra that won't break the budget. This 5-light fan floor candelabra is great for tight locations or for a basic design.


Overall size: 27"W x 59"D x 85"H.

Available in Nickel ONLY







   7 Light Candelabra  $40.00 (Pair)







Taper 7 Light

The 7 Light taper candelabra is a great candelabra to use in multiple locations. This candelabra can also be used with chimney globes.

Overall size: 31"W x 19"D with adjustable height of 57" to 86".

Available in Nickel ONLY






   9 Light Candelabra  $50.00 (Pair)








This removable tree 9-light floor candelabra offers multiple functions with one product. It can be used as a dazzling floor candelabra or remove the top for a stunning centerpiece that will just set on your table.

Overall size: 26"W x 26"D x adjustable 59" to 95"H.


Chimney globes are included

Nickel ONLY



































































































































































































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