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27" Chocolate Fountain



                      150.00 includes 6lbs of Chocolate


Imagine a ripe delicious strawberry being dipped through a flowing curtain of warm, melted Belgian Chocolate! Say "Good-bye" to the fondue pot! The Chocolate Fondue Fountain is an Innovative product that elegantly enhances any buffet, wedding reception, special event, by offering a new dimension of Chocolate Fondue! Your guests will be amazed as they dip strawberries and other delicious desserts through the flowing "Chocolate Waterfall" and create Chocolate covered delicacies.

This lightweight, portable chocolate fountain can be used to complement larger fountains in a multi-fountain display, or it can be used alone as a decorative centerpiece. New styling and decoration, combined with a beautiful stainless steel finish, give this fountain the elegant and sophisticated feel that is welcome at any special event.



Melting Solidified Chocolate in a Sephra Fountain


Melting Solidified Chocolate


Melting Chocolate

Watch Video:

Fastest way to melt chocolate in your fountain



Chocolate & Skewers

available at an additional cost

      Premium  Milk Chocolate





100 count

  Skewers                               Dark Chocolate


           Belgian Milk Chocolate














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